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Survey 2 Site: Associations


The Chartered Institute of Building (C.I.O.B.)

The Chartered Institute of Building represents on behalf of the Public the most diverse set of Professionals in the Construction Industry, setting the pace globally for high standards of Professionalism in the Built Environment for the past 175 years.


Chartered Building Consultancy Scheme

Recognising that Clients are demanding ever higher levels of Service and Quality, Managing our business requires Professionalism at every level and participation in the "Chartered Building Consultancy Scheme" helps us to ensure that we continue to maintain and develop the skills and competence that we and the scheme demands.

The scheme enables users of our services to easily identify those who can offer a Professional Service.

The Chartered Building Consultancy Scheme was created by the C.I.O.B. to uphold the highest standards of operation and conduct among member Consultancies operating with in the Construction Industry and the wider Built Environment.


The Institute of Clerks of Works and Construction Inspectorate of Great Britain Incorporated

Today, more than ever, it is critical that construction projects/contracts of all types come in on time and on budget, but this should not be at the expense of quality, performance or Health & Safety. The employment of a Competent, Experienced and Professional Independent Site Inspector or Clerk of Works looking after the Clients best interests should be paramount in the minds of those commissioning building and construction works no matter how large or small.

The costs and benefits of engaging a Site Inspection service have to be balanced and justified, however the risks associated with not having an independent organisation looking after your interests on site can prove more expensive if building failures occur once the contractor has left site. Contractors claims become hard to rebuff if independent records and report are not available to the Client and his Team.

Often the cost of engaging a Site Inspector / Clerk of Works service can be more than off-set by the benefits such a service can bring to the Project.

"Without the intervention of the Clerk of Works how much would rectification and/or remedial action have cost" Peter Lennon FICW, Chairman of the Working Group.


Association for Project Safety

The Association is a multi-disciplinary membership body for those who operate in, or have an interest in Health and Safety Risk Management within construction. As a registered CDM co-ordinator within the Association you can be certain of receiving professional and competent advice at all times.


Survey2Site Limited is an accredited "Chartered Building Consultancy" and is affiliated to "The Chartered Institute of Building" and "The Institute of Clerk of Works and Construction Inspectorate of GB Inc."